By Gloria Omuya

The Power of Opportunity

At Tailored for Education, we firmly believe that every child deserves the chance to fulfill their dreams through education. Our partnership with Daraja Academy in Nanyuki, Kenya, embodies this mission. Daraja Academy provides scholarships and the necessary support for girls to continue their secondary education. Through our partnership, the students receive the uniforms they need to attend school.

Despite progress in access to secondary school education in Kenya, some challenges remain. The World Bank reports that only about 51% of girls in Kenya are enrolled in secondary education. This means nearly half of the girls miss out due to barriers such as poverty. Yet, we know that education can transform lives, offering better job prospects and economic opportunities for the girls, their families, and their communities.

Our eight-year collaboration with Daraja has led to remarkable outcomes. On our recent visit, we spoke with Purity and Ndanu, both alumni who now work at Daraja. Ndanu, the Fundraising Manager, now gets to welcome new students with a deep sense of fulfillment, reflecting on her journey through the program. She describes it as an honor to introduce the girls into a life of abundance and opportunity, where they can continue to pursue their goals.

Two Daraja alumni and TFE staff

Purity – Executive Assistant, Gloria – TFE Kenya Project Director and Ndanu – Fundraising Manager

Purity, now an Executive Assistant, vividly recalls her first day at Daraja, when she received her full school uniform. I felt smart,” she reminisces. That uniform reflected my goals and dreams and what I want to achieve in life. For both Purity and Ndanu, the uniforms were more than just clothes; they were symbols of hope and self-esteem, empowering them to pursue their ambitions regardless of their backgrounds.

The impact of these uniforms and access to education is evident. We spoke to other current students at Daraja and I could see hope beaming through their eyes, which speaks to the power of opportunity. We had students aspiring to become gynecologists, teachers, artists, engineers, and politicians. These dreams are within reach because of the stepping stone provided by their secondary education.

Two students and TFE staff at Daraja Academy

Daraja Academy campus tour

Investing in uniforms for students in marginalized communities is an investment in education and their future. The girls at Daraja are not only changing their own lives but also transforming their families and communities. Purity and Ndanu’s stories are shining examples of this. They are taking advantage of opportunities they were given, and creating more opportunities for other girls. Purity summarised our conversation perfectly “Thank you for coming to Daraja and I know Tailored for Education and Daraja are going to change the world”. At Tailored for Education, we are inspired by these girls and remain committed to supporting their journeys toward a brighter future.