By Jessica Roy


We are jet lagged and full emotion after an amazing trip to Kenya! With only five days on the ground, we made every minute count. We visited 12 schools, five partners, four tailors, one shoemaker, had numerous meetings, enjoyed three working dinners and endless conversations that left our hearts bursting and heads spinning, but for all the right reasons.

Most of the children we serve have already experienced or are currently facing more difficult circumstances than those of us supporting them, will ever encounter. In reality, they were born into it. It is all they have ever known. Receiving an education is how they will come to know something different – a brighter future. A future with confidence, self esteem and most importantly, with opportunity and options not only for themselves but for their families and their future generations.

Some mistakenly think that kids living in poverty are different from the kids they know who started life on a more secure path. Remove their environments and they’re not that different. They’re silly and love to laugh. There are always class clowns, shy kids and the few who stand up and speak on behalf of everyone and offer to show you around. Maybe future Class Presidents. You can spot the best friends, the older siblings keeping an eye on their younger, the buddies looking out for one another. Kids are kids, some are just given more opportunities than others.

There are a few constants at every school visit: SMILES. Peace signs. So many peace signs that we had to ask them to put their hands down so we could see their adorable faces! More smiles. High fives. More peace signs. Fist bumps. HAPPY kids. Despite the hands they have been dealt, most of the children we have the pleasure of meeting, are still so happy.

When you choose to support Tailored for Education, you are choosing to contribute to brighter futures, to opportunity, to happiness and to peace. Thank you for choosing education as the vehicle in which to do so.