Why Uniforms?

Why Uniforms?

The children we support are required by the government to wear a uniform to school; without one they can be turned away. Beyond removing a significant barrier to education, uniforms legitimize the child, instill a sense of pride, and place them on a more even playing field.

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To some it is just a uniform. To us it is a powerful agent of change.

Megan Kelly & Jessica Roy

Government Mandated

School uniforms are government mandated for daily attendance in all of our communities.

School Legitimacy and Unity

Uniforms legitimize the schools by distinguishing them as institutions of learning and ensure equality in the classroom. They also foster pride and community among faculty and students.


In uniform, children are safer traveling to and from school as it signifies they are supposed to be somewhere. When in uniform children are less exposed to risks such as kidnapping, trafficking, child labor and gang recruitment.


When children are able to attend school, there is an overall boost to their emotional well-being. In their proper school uniform they feel more confident to engage with their teachers and peers. Uniforms also ensure clothes are worn to school; for many, it is the first new piece of clothing they have ever owned.


Uniforms instill a sense of pride, encourage self discipline and have a tremendous impact on self-worth. Being properly dressed precipitates a sense of belonging.


Community Stories

If it were not for the uniform I am in today, I really don't know where I would be in life.