Annual Milestones & Highlights

2023 was our most impactful year yet! We provided more children with school uniforms than ever before, hired Gloria Omuya as our Project Director in Kenya, and had our most successful fundraising year!

Improved Academics

Students with Lesotho partner, Kick4Life, saw an average increase of more than 20% in exam grades after receiving school uniforms. Two of the students were recognized as top achievers nationally!

High Student Attendance

The Flying Kites network schools in Njabini, Kenya reported that an average 97% student attendance rate was achieved during all three terms in the 2023 academic year.

High Level of Confidence

In a survey conducted at 12 primary schools in Nairobi, Kenya before and after uniform provision, partner Dignitas found: - A 31% increase in learners who strongly agreed that they felt they were a person of worth - A 16% increase in learners who indicated a positive attitude toward themselves
Our Mission

We increase school enrollment and create economic opportunity by providing the world’s most vulnerable children with locally made school uniforms.

2023: Impact by the Numbers


Projects funded with 15 partners in 9 countries


Uniforms provided to children at 145 schools




Cents on the dollar went to uniforms


Tailors and support staff employed

Program Impacts

More Children in School

We believe every child deserves an education, regardless of where they were born or their family’s income and a uniform should not stand in their way. Through education we can end the cycle of poverty.

Sense of Agency

Uniforms instill or increase student confidence, pride, self esteem and self worth. Class participation increases and improves when students feel comfortable and at ease.


When a child is in school, exposure to risks such as gang recruitment, kidnapping, child labor and trafficking are reduced.

Economic Opportunity

All of our uniforms are made by local tailors earning fair wages.

Better and Safer Schools

Parents who can afford it pay $1 to $3 into a Parent Contribution Fund. Parents and school administrators then decide how to allocate it. This allows parents to have ownership in their child’s education and schools become safer, cleaner and more technologically advanced.

Community Engagement

Increased economic opportunity from locally made uniforms and school improvements from the Parent Contribution Fund create strong and stable communities.

Donors in Action

It was you, our donors, who made this our best year EVER.

You had your high school golf team play 100 holes
You donated your birthdays
You purchased Super Bowl squares
You donated your allowance
You joined our March Madness Tournament
You had your companies match over $70,000 in donations
Members of our Honor Roll provided 239 uniforms

What’s in a Uniform?

When doing measurements, tailors noted many students had no underwear. Additionally, many of our partners have begun implementing menstrual hygiene programs but those were not helpful if the girls didn’t have underwear to attach the sanitary napkins to. We now provide underwear to all our students.

Partners noted that adolescent girls were shy and quiet because some boys made fun of them for not having a bra. We now provide sports bras to girls beginning in middle school.

Student Molly said “I had plastic shoes which were burning me when the weather was hot.” We provide leather Toughees because they are durable and outlast the rainy and mud seasons.

Welcome Gloria!

Gloria grew up in Nairobi, Kenya with parents who had a strong emphasis on education and all the possibilities that can come from it. We met Gloria over a decade ago when she was working on our uniform project with our partner, Dignitas. Aside from having previous experience with our unique program, Gloria is passionate about development in Africa and investing in local communities. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team!

Some of our Student Voices