By Jessica Roy

Follow your Donation

Every donation you make to Tailored for Education changes a life, often multiple lives. The child whose new school uniform will open the door to a brighter future. The tailor who receives a fair wage to make the uniform. The parent who has a burden lifted because they can spend the uniform money on food or other vital needs. The headmaster and community leader who see an increase in pride and enthusiasm among its members. While you cannot meet all of the children, tailors, parents and other individuals who benefit from your generosity, we can show you exactly where your donation goes. Please click the video below to “Follow Your Donation” from the moment you hit the donate button or write a check all the way to the students, schools and communities we serve….

This video would not have been possible without our incredibly generous creative team: Dela McCaghren, Senior at Middlesex along with Tafari Kilonzo Mweu, Hardy Wambiakale and Raidon Taitolo from Nairobi based Itationz.