By Megan Kelly

Parent Contributions

Our long lost blog!  In an effort to revive the blog we want to tell you about a program that we have launched with our largest partners.

In lieu of paying for the $25 uniform parents who have the means to do so make a small contribution to a PTA fund used for school improvements.  This amount varies by school, but it is normally $1-$2.  Once the funds have been collected and uniforms distributed the parents gather to vote on what improvement they will make within the school.  We have seen the funds used for a new water tank, to replace classroom benches or to re-gravel the school yard.  The parent contributions give families ownership over the school their children attend and instill a sense of pride in the children attending.  Most importantly, they create a better environment for learning.  We know not every family will be able to afford the contribution, but these small improvements each year will lead to big improvements over time.  A new water tank will keep children hydrated and alert, new benches will give students space to learn and fixing the school yard creates a safer (and less muddy) play area.  Just because they cannot afford the full cost of a uniform doesn’t mean that parents cannot have some impact on their children’s education!

The parent’s at Friends School in Kenya recently decided to use their PTA funds to purchase new school books for their students!