By Megan Kelly


Just in time for a celebratory weekend we have hit a BIG milestone! Thanks to your continued support we have provided over 77,000 uniforms to children living in 14 countries around the world!

Let’s break that number down….

77,000 smiles at the sight of a brand new uniform

77,000 feelings of belonging; dressed like peers, no one knows your family’s economic status

77,000 more hands raised in class because they are no longer worried about being sent home

77,000 heads held high because you’re no longer insecure about a torn or incomplete uniform

77,000 times a parent can sleep better knowing their child will attend school tomorrow

77,000 reasons to feel safe; they are accountable to be somewhere, not roaming the streets

77,000 fewer decisions to be made between working or attending school

77,000 chances to learn about hygiene and reproductive health

77,000 visions of a future that is bright and without poverty because of their education

77,000 times that a child knew they matter and their future is important!

This milestone would not be possible without YOU!  Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.  We look forward to a day when every single child has the chance to attend school every single day, but for now we have more work to do!