By Jessica Roy

Meet Your Global Neighbors!

Given that everyone is at home social distancing, we thought it was a great time to share more about the children and families Tailored for Education supports! During this difficult time we are reminded that we are more alike than we are different and that we are all in this together. Despite travel bans and halted flights we can still take this time to learn about the customs and traditions that bring communities together around the globe!

We have come up with several activities to share each week.  Independent activities for children, a few for the whole family to share and a book recommendation. TFE Book Club, anyone?!

As you move through these activities please share photos and videos using the hashtag #TFEathome. You can also email them to us (info@tailoredforeducation.flywheelstaging.com) or comment on our social media pages, because we’ll be posting them there too.

We hope the following activities will provide you and your loved ones with some fun learning experiences during this uncertain and sometimes scary time. We are thinking of all of you – the children, families and communities we support, our tailors, partners, donors, followers – you are our FRIENDS and we are grateful for each one of you!

Stay healthy and stay positive!

For everyone: learn more about RWANDA in our country spotlight – bonus points for adding Kinyarwanda into your day!

Book Recommendation for teens and parents:

The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz. Free on audible, send straight to your Kindle and paperback version will still deliver!  When we first started TFE a dear friend shared this book with us and it is one we still love, nine years later.  The Blue Sweater is the inspiring story of a woman who left a career in international banking to spend her life on a quest to understand global poverty and find powerful new ways of tackling it.  We still remember how much we related to Novogratz’s story and we think you will too, starting with the blue sweater you probably have ready to be given away!

Family Activity: Get in the Kitchen!

Our amazing friends at Dignitas have shared with us some of their favorite Kenyan recipes. We have been lucky to try some on our visits and now we are excited to attempt them ourselves! This week – Mini Mandazi. Click HERE for a cooking tutorial with Chef Raphael.

Our project coordinator, Gloria, provided us with some background information – “Mandazi were very special growing up. They are considered a treat and some families in the past had to save up so they could make these or they only made them when they had visitors or a party! A family was lucky if they had mandazi once a month. This was our time growing, these days, things have gotten better and these meals can be seen more often on the table.”


For elementary kids:

Click on the links below.  If you have trouble, email us and we will send them to you!

Word Search

Addition and Subtraction Worksheet

School Bus Color by Number