By Jessica Roy

Parent Contribution Fund in Action!

“The majority of the pupils at Mucibau come from poor parents who are mostly casual laborers. They earn very few coins, hardly enough for food, which means providing uniforms for the learners is very difficult. Most of the learners were coming to school with torn clothes, and [by looking at them] one would not know the [official] school uniform color. Many of the pupils wore shoes for the first time [when they received them from Tailored for Education]. The school community is very grateful, and students feel proud and have confidence in themselves because of the uniforms. – Mr. Mukono, Mucibau Primary

In exchange for school uniforms, parents at Mucibau Primary contribute to a Parent Contribution Fund (PCF) that is used to improve school grounds and infrastructure. Funds collected from parents were used to build a drainage system. In a meeting with Mucibau Primary’s Headteacher, Paul Kamau Karanja, prior to the construction of the drainage system, Mr. Karanja noted,

“My biggest worry for this school is our infrastructure. I always ask myself, ‘What is it that I can do to improve our infrastructure, especially because this place is very cold?’ During the rainy season, it gets very muddy because the compound used to be a swamp area and many of our classes are made of timber, so the classrooms become very muddy. This actually gives me nightmares.