By Jessica Roy

Meet Mbali

Tailored for Education was introduced to the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) in early 2014 and began providing uniforms to their students soon after.  KYP is a center for students to go to after school for tutoring, studying, cultural arts, sports, ect and they make the center available for community members when the students aren’t there – to work on resumes, learn computer skills, ect. KYP’s members come from a variety of schools within walking distance and they have steadily increased their outreach over the years. We’d like you to meet Mbali, an alumnus who is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree at the University of Johannesburg!

Mbali was born in 2002 and was raised by both her parents in Pimville, Soweto. She is the firstborn of three siblings which have groomed her to be the responsible, independent young woman that she is today. She began her learning career at Mdelwa Hlongwane Primary and proceeded to Musi secondary school. She joined the KYP in 2019 when she was in grade 11 and describes her experience with the organization as the highlight of her academic journey. The pressure of being a role model to her siblings and a perfectionist at school was too overwhelming for her which resulted in her marks dropping drastically. After joining  KYP she received all the necessary support and tools which ultimately improved her academic performance and enhanced her confidence to reach her full potential. Through the program, she also had the opportunity to go on a leadership training camp hosted by a non-profit organization, Enke make your mark, in Northern Cape. 

Mbali received awards for most of her academic career in various subjects namely, Isizulu, Life Orientation and Economic & management science. She matriculated top of her class in 2020 with three distinctions.  She received two certificates from KYP for her resilience and academic achievements. Because of her hard work and determination, she got a bursary and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Environmental Health at the University of Johannesburg.  

Growing up, Mbali always wanted to be a doctor. However, as she grew older she realized her passion for public health and finding ways to reduce pollution levels. This influenced her choice to pursue a career in Environmental Health. Her goal is to give back to society, especially to the poor communities as a way of showing gratitude for all the help and opportunities KYP was able to afford her. 

We at Tailored for Education cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Mbali; we know it’s looking bright!