By Jessica Roy

Meet Your Global Neighbors – Week Three!

Our partners have continued to flood our inboxes with recipes, activities and glimpses into the daily lives of their students.  We love learning how our friends around the world spend their free time. Now more than ever we are reminded that we are more alike than we are different and we are certain that we are going to get through this challenging time together, as a global community!

Below are this week’s activities for our friends and family around the world. As you move through these activities please share photos and videos using the hashtag #TFEathome. You can also email them to us (info@tailoredforeducation.flywheelstaging.com) or comment on our social media pages.

We hope this will provide you and your loved ones with some fun learning experiences during this unprecedented time. We are thinking of all of you and are grateful for each and every one of you!

Stay healthy and stay positive!

For Everyone

  • Country spotlight: learn more about the country we were supposed to visit last month – Honduras! Bonus points if you can tell us what Honduras translates to.
  • TFE themed Word Scramble
  • Ebook: Our talented young scholars at Akili Girls’ Preparatory School in Kisumu, Kenya have written and published digital books on various aspects of life in Kenya!  We visited these young women last May and are so excited to share their work with you. Our second featured author is Jane, with Dancing in Kenya. If any of our readers would like to create books about their life, our friends at Akili would LOVE to see them!

Meet the Author

Jane is 11 years old and loves science and math. Outside of the classroom she likes to play basketball and football. When Jane grows up she would like to be a doctor so she can treat the people in her community. When asked about her school uniform, Jane said without a proper one, you are shy and don’t want to answer your teacher. Keep working hard Jane and thank you for sharing your book with us!

Book Recommendation for Teens and Adults:

Going strong with our book recommendations, this week’s pick is ‘I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives’ by Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch. This memoir really hit home for us. It details the pen pal relationship between a teenage girl in the United States and a boy living in Zimbabwe, struggling to complete his education. It illustrates how small and simple acts of kindness can have enormous ripple effects in the lives of other people and that is exactly what providing a uniform does. Available in various formats on Amazon, this book is an inspiring read and something teenagers can really relate to.  We hope you enjoy!

Family Activity: get back in the kitchen!

Our lovely friends from AGAPE Aids Orphan Care have shared some of their favorite recipes with us. First up is Dal MasalaDal is another word for lentils which is a common protein and a staple in Indian food.  Split Moong (split mung bean) or Split Masoor (red lentils) dals are typically used. Enjoy!

For our Elementary Friends:

  • Most of our students walk to and from school each day, often far distances and sometimes many miles. On their walk they see lots of things in their village or city. Use our Cut and Paste Map to create a detailed journey of your commute to and from school. Be sure to include any important buildings that you pass by.
  • How many of you ride a school bus? Spot the Differences on our school bus!