By Megan Kelly

International Day of the Girl

I wish we lived in a world where International Day of the Girl didn’t exist.  A world where we didn’t need a day to raise awareness for gender equality because every person was seen as a human with equal rights.

In that world every single child attends school.  Girls aren’t forced to stay home with younger siblings while their brothers attend school because boys have more “potential.”  Girls are not married off at age 15 because being a wife and a mother is their only “opportunity.”  Instead, both girls and boys have the opportunity to dream big and make those dreams happen.

Jess and I are two girls who believe this world is within our reach.  That is why we started Tailored for Education.  We believe that every child has the chance to attend school regardless of where they were born or their gender.  Thankfully, we are two girls who have the opportunity and resources (and hard work!) to make our dream a reality.  While I wish it didn’t exist, International Day of the Girl is the perfect time to remember the extraordinary things that happen when girls are given the chance to realize their potential!

With that in mind, this month we are going to introduce you to the extraordinary women who make Tailored for Education’s work possible and inspire Jess and I on a daily basis.  Running Tailored for Education is a gift, but it is hard work and it takes a village.  If it weren’t for these women (and many more) we certainly would have stopped somewhere along the way.  It is their stories, hard work, spirit and resiliency that keep us going.  I feel certain they are going to inspire you as well!