By Jessica Roy

Impact on Student Enrollment

Uniform provision along with the other programs being implemented by our partners (teacher training, food programs, ect) are have a massively positive impact on school enrollment, attendance and of course academic scores. We work with Flying Kites in nine very rural elementary schools and are thrilled to share the following highlights from Terms 1 and 2 of the 2022 Academic Year:

Increased Enrollment: At the start of the 2022 Academic Year, overall student enrollment increased by an average of 7.75% across Network Schools.
● A further increase of 2.5% was noted from the beginning of Term 1 to the end of Term 2.
High Student Attendance – an average 96% attendance rate was achieved during Terms One and Two
by Network Schools.
Improved Academic Outcomes – Results from an August 2022 standardized assessment for Class 8
students demonstrated that Network schools achieved an average score of 244.49 against a
sub-county average of 216.9!