By Jessica Roy


Since 2014, Tailored for Education has partnered with Horizons Vocational Training Institute in Cambodia to provide uniforms to young women while they complete lower school and begin vocational training. Horizons empowers young women by providing access to education, quality skills, and dignified employment so they can contribute to their families and communities. Horizons women live in a house together where they catch up on the education they missed, usually 7-9 grades. They receive medical, social, and emotional support as they work towards a brighter future. Upon completion of the 9th grade, Horizons women qualify to attend Hotel School. After two years of training they have an internship and then job placement in Cambodia’s tourism/hotel sector. Every year we receive a report detailing the girls’ successes. There is no better indication of the power of education than seeing how these young women continue to prevail and transform their lives after overcoming so much at a young age. See below for some updates from Sister Helene, who runs Horizons.

During 2020, 57 girls resided in the hostel. As the girls below graduated, new girls entered the project. These 16 Horizons’ Students pictured below graduated at the end of October 2020. From January through March, until the pandemic struck and shut everything down, they all interned in major hotels.

In January 2021, all students below will start interning at the Rosewood, the Sofitel, Khema La  Poste, Arunreas etc. This is our first group that has all started their first external internships in such high level five-star luxury hotels and restaurants.

Two students who graduated from the KSK Cooking School are now working as cooks!

Sister Helene also noted the prestigious hotels in the capitol where the recent graduates are interning at or working full time for. We will never meet these young women, but the pride we feel for their accomplishments is overwhelming.