By Megan Kelly

COVID-19 Relief Fund: Update 1

On May 5th we launched the Tailored for Education COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide emergency food support to some of our most vulnerable families and employ our tailors to make masks that will be distributed to the local communities. Here is an update on our progress so far!

Why Kenya

We have been working in Kenya since 2012 helping to ensure more children start school on an even playing field. There are over one million children not enrolled in school and only 41% continue to secondary school. Right now in Kenya there is a mandatory stay at home order in place. All schools are closed and ALL residents are required to wear masks in public; without one, they risk being arrested.

Our Progress

On May 11th, 13 tailors in Nairobi returned to work to start producing masks. Here is a message from Grace Bahati, founder of Halisi Creations and Designs. Halisi produces the majority of our uniforms in Kenya.

At Faith Tailoring Shop in Kisumu, six tailors returned to work making masks and our partner, Riley Orton Foundation, worked with local grocery stores to prepare emergency food packs for the 80 families from the Akili Preparatory School. Most of the parents were involved in small scale businesses like selling groceries, others were fishmongers, casual laborers at various construction sites or doing house work for neighboring middle class families.  Some parents sold food in kiosks and restaurants in Kisumu where COVID-19 has destroyed their businesses, rendering them hopeless and struggling to provide food for their families.

Photo Caption

On May 23rd the food packs were delivered to the families! They are incredibly grateful to all who are helping them bridge the financial gap until work can resume! Thank you so much for your continued support.

Our tailors in Nairobi and Kisumu are still working to make masks and distributing them to their local communities.