By Jessica Roy

Chania Primary: a new outlook and a new gate!

“Students had very low self-esteem because of their torn uniforms, short dresses and torn blouses. The new uniforms picked up their self-esteem and improved their cleanliness. The uniforms also helped reduce absenteeism, because students used to only have one set of clothes to wear to school. When they needed to wash this one set, students couldn’t go to school. Also, when parents saw the uniforms in town, they asked what school the students attend. More parents want to send their children to Chania. Enrollment has increased” – Mr. Ndirangu, Chania Primary

Together, the parents of Chania Primary School students raised a total of 225,000 KSH (2,179 USD) to contribute to projects aimed at improving their children’s school, identified by the school’s Board of Management. Thanks to the parents’ contributions, Chania was able to repair 130 desks and purchase an additional 30 desks for Classes 6, 7, and 8. In addition, Chania was able to paint the school’s entrance / gate in their new school colors, giving students and teachers a tremendous feeling of school pride. 

Following completion of all of these projects, Mr. Ndirangu noted, “The new desks have enabled teachers to group learners with the additional comfortable seating space. The new seating arrangement has brought more collaboration and communication to our classes. Because of this program, parents have also supplied 5,000 feet of timber, so when we raise more funds with the next batch of uniforms, we will be able to further renovate and improve classrooms.”