By Jessica Roy

Bigger, Stronger, Better

Shared with permission from our partner, Hope for Ariang

Tailored for Education was introduced to Hope for Ariang through one of our long standing partners. We knew immediately we were a match! We began providing uniforms to their school in 2019 and in the spring of 2021 when schools reopened, we also provided uniforms to the two neighboring schools – 2,888 students! In their words:

“All our three schools are projected to receive increased enrollments when schools resume. Our ground team has been at the forefront in educating the community on the need for education for everyone. The ongoing enrollments have shown an upward trajectory. Even though this brings some challenges such as overcrowding in classrooms, imbalanced teacher-student ratio, and funding needs, we are happy because our efforts to support every child have borne fruits!

This wonderful organization has once again partnered to not only fund Ariang Primary but all Ariang Network of Schools, meaning that every new and returning student at Ariang, Mading, and Nyieth Primary Schools will receive a school uniform, a pair of shoes, underwear, sports bras, and reusable masks.”

What are the benefits that come with this uniforms project? – Seen and unseen

Uniforms and Shoes Are Powerful Educational Gifts

Our students have been away from learning for a complete year due to COVID-19. These are just the perfect gifts for enticing students to come back to school. In the past, we have observed keenly how powerful these gifts are in influencing students to enroll in school and focus on education.

Increased Student Dignity

Many families struggle financially in Ariang. Only a few families afford uniforms for their children. This brings about a sense of disparity and inequality amongst students. This project will eliminate these issues and create a more fair and equal learning environment because every student will receive a pair of new uniforms and shoes – therefore making access to education more equitable.

Support for Grassroots Businesses

Tailored for Education strongly advocates that we hire local tailors and buy from local traders. This strategy is key in supporting the local community to grow their businesses and contribute to the advancement of the local economy. Additionally, buying from local traders helps us to establish new partnerships with the local communities who also support our mission in different ways.

We trained mama Akuach in tailoring skills and the basics of business management and leadership. She successfully completed the training, graduated and has since started her small tailoring shop. She was selected as one of the local tailors for this uniforms project. We are so proud to see her putting her skills into real business opportunities that will benefit her family.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project. I want to put my skills in use and this project gives me the opportunity to do that. I’m also happy to make uniforms for Ariang School girls” Mama Akuach