By Jessica Roy

Announcing a New Partnership: The Clover Foundation

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Tailored for Education is excited to announce a new partnership with the Clover Foundation in Uganda!


Clover is working to care for 40 Ugandan children through primary school to ensure that they receive a solid education after their preschool program.Clover currently supports 40 children (ages 1-6) by addressing the immediate needs in their lives: hunger and malnutrition, disease, and neglect, all of which otherwise prevent their healthy development. In doing so, they provide two healthy meals daily, ensure that immunization appointments are kept for every child and that weight is monitored, and provide a stimulating early childhood education program where the children are learning through play and creative instruction. By providing no cost care for these children, their mothers, fathers, caretakers are able to work and bring to the home much-needed financial resources to obtain basic needs.


So where does Tailored for Education come in? We will provide the school uniforms necessary for children to move on from Clover to primary school!

Learn more about the Clover Foundation here: clover-foundation.org