By Jessica Roy

Sibling support

Tailored for Education began working with Pure Water for the World in 2012. We have wanted to visit for years and finally had tickets booked to attend several uniform distributions and visit schools throughout the country …. and then COVID hit! As soon as it’s possible, we would like to replan our trip! Read below for a sweet story from the field, shared by Project Coordinator, Maria.

“It was wonderful to see all the kids excited about their new uniform. Two siblings called my attention- Jose Bismarck Garcia (5 years old in preschool) and his sister Yansi Garcia (9 years old and in second grade). The teacher told me they were not officially enrolled but attended school since they are living just a few meters down the hill where the school is located, and also because the person who came with them to receive the uniforms was Maryori, their a fifteen year old oldest sister of six. She was carrying a baby (hers) and is a single mom who was in charge of the house that day. They all sleep in two beds and the baby in a hammock. They were very happy to receive their uniforms and Maryori promised that she would encourage her two younger sibling to continue to go to school. Apparently Yansi shows great interest in doing that and she promised she would.”