Week in Review

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these! Lots of things have gone on in the past couple of weeks so we wanted to highlight them here, especially in case you missed some of our important updates. Enjoy!

On Monday we provided funding for a new project! We are working with the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) in Kliptown, South Africa to provide 400 students with uniforms. Kliptown doesn’t have electricity or running water; it’s residents live in shacks. KYP’s founder and his team are all from Kliptown and they have built the organization from scratch to now serve 400 children. Their goal is to help their members to lift themselves out of poverty by means of education. We are thrilled to be working with KYP!

Uniforms 2014 - web (2 of 3)-1

Monday was also the first day of primary school for our Ugandan students Stephan and Rahif! We joined forces with The Clover Foundation last fall and are thrilled to grow with them as more of their preschoolers advance to primary school.  The boys receive our uniforms next week so we’ll provide you with before and after photos then!


We were psyched to hear about Malala Yousufzai’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Quite an honor for this impressive sixteen year old!   See here for the full story.


During the Super Bowl U2 told viewers to download their new single “Invisible” because Bank of America would donate $1 for each free download. They raised over $3m, all going to Bono’s (RED) for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Bono makes it seem easy to raise three million dollars!

Speaking of raising money, help us raise money to send more children like Rahif and Stephan to school by purchasing one of our scarves for a Valentine’s gift. Can’t go wrong providing someone with a gift that will make them LOOK good, you DO good and both of you FEEL good! Use code VDAY14 through next Tuesday to receive 15% off your order! Shop here!


Have a great weekend!