Week in Review!

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks and can’t believe TFE’s 3rd birthday is fast approaching! Where to begin….

Let’s first talk about us:

– this went out in a press release but not sure we have made a big deal about it … but it’s pretty awesome so we should –> we reached a major milestone; we have provided over 15,000 uniforms!!! We didn’t know what to expect when we started this chapter almost three years ago, but I can tell you we have far exceeded our wildest dreams!

– local news outlets have caught on to our awesome work! Last week we were on Magic 106.7  with Candy O’Terry as part of her Exceptional Women Entrepreneur Series. To hear our first in studio radio interview click HERE, it’s at the bottom on the right side!


– last Thursday we had a great fundraiser in Milton with about 60-70 fabulous women at Eclipse Salon. It was so fun to meet new people who were there because they believe in us and our mission and they truly care about making our world a better place.  The comments we received were so uplifting and increasing awareness is such a great feeling! Some photos:

Us with Jen Vrettas, a woman who we hired part time to help us with everything under the sun.  Jen is awesome and we are so glad she agreed to be part of our team!


Below are the salon owners and the woman in pink is our saving grace …. meet Kristen Daly, our PR rep! Whoever has Orpah’s email, send it directly to Kristen….


Lastly, our fabulous friends who volunteered their evening to help make it a success … THANK YOU!!


– Wednesday was World Book and Copyright Day, who knew?! Well, we happen to have an adorable picture of our precious elementary school children in Haiti checking out books from the Book Mobile!


Mother’s Day is May 11th! Purchase our Woven In Hope scarf for all the magnificent MOMS you know! You do good and they look good! – could we make it any easier for you?? SHOP HERE! Scarf picture below in case you didn’t get enough of it from the Eclipse photos!


– you may have heard, but next month we are headed to Cambodia!! We are traveling with  Catholic Relief Services, our largest Giving Partner.  To date we have provided over 8,000 uniforms through this partnership. To say we are excited is an understatement! And the fact that tarantulas are a delicacy there is something we are not talking about…

To take the spotlight off of us, a few things worth mentioning:

– take this quick test sponsored by Partners in Health and they will donate .50 to go toward saving womens’ lives:  take it HERE

– today is World Malaria Day.  Share the fact below to celebrate the incredible progress made globally to eradicate this preventable disease:


– when I first learned about genital excision, I was literally at a loss for words.  To think that this still happens today is just devastating. A lot of countries have already, or are in the process of, making it illegal, but it still happens. A 13 year old girl in Egypt recently died after having it done and it’s making headlines.   Read the story HERE


– we’ll end on a high note: the Boston Marathon was this past Monday and was an important day  for millions of people, for a variety of reasons. $25.7 million is the estimated number of dollars raised by charity bib runners at this year’s Marathon. A big congratulations to all the runners and to all who donated!