Week in Review!

What a week it has been!

Not sure how you could have since it was plastered all over Facebook (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for liking, sharing and commenting, we are so, so grateful for all of your support!), BUT, in case you missed it, we were featured in The Boston Globe yesterday! Whoo hoo! And no, Megan is not that much taller than me, the photographer wanted us to stand that way, despite our concerns!  Click here to read the full article!


In addition to preparing for this article and then anxiously waiting for it to be published, we are busy planning our next site visit! We will share full details once all the logistics are ironed out, but for some clues: we are visiting our largest project, there is once again the potential for lots of snakes, and ONE leg of our flight is 13 hours. Any guesses?!

We are also prepping for a radio interview next week (don’t worry, we’ll provide the details on how you can listen once we have them!) AND we are having an event next week to rope in some new local support! ¬†Spring has landed in Boston and it is taking TFE by full force!

I’ll finish up this post with some of our adorable students! We received these photos from Los Ninos, our Giving Partner in the Dominican Republic. You can feel their excitement by just by looking at them!


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Have a great weekend!