Dominican Republic

Los Ninos de Leonardo y Meredith – Since 2012

Through our partnership with Los Niños de Leonardo y Meredith, a privately run school in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, we are providing uniforms to 21 children. Five of their previous students are now enrolled in a private high school and are expected to be among the first in their neighborhoods to ever attend college. We are thrilled to work with our partners at Los Ninos to increase this number until all of the students are continuing through high school and going on to attend college!

Key Statistics
  • The Dominican Republic preschool enrollment is around 32%
  • The primary school dropout rate in the Dominican Republic is 14%
  • For every 100 Dominican children entering formal education, only 75 complete grade 4; 63 complete grade 6 and only 52 complete the 8-year primary level. This situation is even worse in rural areas where most schools stop at grade 5
  • The Dominican Republic high school enrollment rate is 61%
  • Only 12% of low-income students who start high school will complete their studies, compared to 62% of those from higher income brackets in the DR
  • Around 85% of poor Dominican parents have never completed primary education
  • In a 2008 study of academic achievement for 3rd and 6th grade students in 16 Latin American countries, the Dominican Republic came in dead last in the areas of math, reading and science