Catholic Relief Services – Since 2012

Through our partnership with Catholic Relief Services, over the course of our four projects, we have provided 17,947 uniforms in the Samrong, Bati and Prey Kabas districts of Takeo Province, Cambodia! This is a unique project for us because approximately 7-8% of the children are disabled and receive two uniforms each. We learned that it is often extremely challenging to motivate and support parents and caregivers to send children with disabilities to school, particularly as families of children with disabilities are even more likely to be poor and face additional costs related to the children’s medical care; thus we hope the additional uniform will help this effort. We were fortunate enough to travel to Cambodia to visit some of the schools, the children and their families and see where some of the uniforms are made. It was amazing to see a school with hundreds of children, all beneficiaries of our project. We met with the Ministry of Education and learned that we are truly making a difference. Participation among the communities, parents, teachers and children is enhanced, enrollment rates are up and absentee rates are down, in some places down to 6% from 20%!

Horizons Vocational Training Institute ​​​​​​​- Since 2014

Tailored for Education is providing school uniforms for 25 girls at the Horizons Vocational Training Institute in Cambodia. Horizons is an organization that assists adolescent girls and young women finish their basic education followed by a highly specialized training in the hotel and tourism industry. The training which follows the ASEAN-approved curriculum is certified by the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism and qualifies the students to work in 4 and 5 star international hotels.

Key Statistics
  • 65% of Cambodians are under the age of 25
  • 72,000 children are not enrolled in primary school
  • 2.6% of GDP is spent on education
  • Only 36% of boys and 32% of girls are enrolled in secondary school
  • Roughly 20% of children ages 5-9 are forced to work and 47% of children ages 10-14
  • 22% of adults are illiterate