Like most of the world, we have been fixated on the over 200 Nigerian girls taken from their beds at boarding school in the dead of night. We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of education, and Tailored for Education is focused solely on getting children to school; but when we first heard the news, we were deflated and even a little defeated. These girls were at boarding school, fast asleep dreaming, not hauling water, selling fruit in the market, babysitting siblings or caring for their own children. They were at school trying to learn, trying to change their lives until everything changed. These girls are no different than we were in high school; families that love them, hopes, goals and friends that enrich their daily lives. We thought of their neighbors, classmates, little sisters and cousins who must be afraid to go to school now out of fear they too will be kidnapped.

These are our girls. They don’t live next door or even in the bordering state, but we are a global community and their lives impact ours. Who knows what potential these girls have and what they will become one day. They could cure an infectious disease, win the Nobel Prize, change the course of their poverty-stricken family, change their village, country and even the world. They could inspire one person or one thousand to go out into the world and do good. Right now they are victims of a barbaric crime committed out of fear. These terrorists are scared of a girl with an education. Once we realized this our deflated feelings subsided and turned into hope.

We cannot cure the world of evil. We cannot find these girls, hug them, promise they won’t be broken forever and return them to their families. However, we can help more children receive an education by getting them in a uniform and to school. One by one we can show these terrorists that they should fear a girl in a uniform because she can and will, change the world. And there will be more powerful, educated girls and women to fear because the contributions they make to the world will hopefully counter balance the evil that will always exist.

Help us prove that education won’t be squashed by evil. Work with us to provide over 200 uniforms in honor of each of the Nigerian girls who have been taken away from their families, their school, their security, all in the face of pure evil.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!