Our Mission

Tailored for Education provides school uniforms to children in impoverished areas where one of the requirements for enrollment is having the proper attire. While the majority of schools we work with are privately funded, they typically still require the family to pay a small tuition and cover the cost of the uniform. Only a small percentage of schools where we work are completely free. Sadly, the uniform cost coupled with the tuition is too much for the families, preventing children from attending school. Often, a child begins primary school but for financial reasons has to stop and go to work before secondary school. An erratic stop-and-go attendance is thus created; clearly not a proper or effective education. By providing uniforms, we lessen the financial burden families face and allow children an opportunity to attend school.

Since we operate out of Boston and do not have a presence on the ground in the areas we assist, we partner with established and reputable non-government organizations to achieve our mission. By leveraging the existing relationships these organizations have, we are able to safely and efficiently procure and distribute uniforms to families, schools and parishes. In addition, working with these organizations ensures all uniforms are made locally, benefiting the local economy.

Our hope is that the money saved on uniforms goes toward providing food, clean water and/or shelter for the families we assist. In addition, the sense of pride instilled by wearing a uniform has a tremendous impact on the children’s self-esteem, both inside and outside of school. When all students in the classroom are wearing the same thing, there is no distinguishing between poverty levels; everyone is on an even playing field. By providing a uniform, we are giving children the gift of education and the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and future generations.