Week in Review

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a busy week for Tailored for Education – we are excited to announce funding for three new projects!

Akili Preparatory School, Kenya

akili school

First, Tailored for Education will be providing school uniforms for 75 girls from the Obunga Slums who have been given the wonderful opportunity to get an education at the Akili Preparatory School in Kenya. Akili Prep School is the only girls’ school in Obunga slum. With abject poverty in Obunga, few people can educate and provide the basic needs for their children. They cannot afford the nominal fees charged as tuition by most schools despite the free primary education policy by the government.  

The school’s mission is to “prepare girls in preschool through 8th grade to get adequate knowledge and skills for success in education and in life, and to develop strong leadership character that will ultimately enable them to emancipate themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty in the slum and be the change they would want to see in their community.” 


Horizons Vocational Training Institute, Cambodia

horizons school

Tailored for Education is providing 25 school uniforms for girls at the Horizons Vocational Training Institute in Cambodia. Horizons is an organization that assists adolescent girls and young women from very difficult circumstances to finish basic education followed by a highly specialized training in the hotel and tourism industry. The training which follows the ASEAN-approved curriculum is certified by the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism and qualifies the students to work in 4 and 5 star international hotels.


EDEM Foundation, Haiti

EDEM haitiLastly, we are funding our FOURTH project with EDEM Foundation! We will be providing 140 new school uniforms to children attending school in L’Ecole du Village in the small community of Canobert on Ile-a-Vache.

We are thrilled to both welcome our new giving partners and continue our partnership with EDEM Foundation! Have a great weekend everyone!


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Save the Date: Tailored on the Town!

Please join us on October 15th to support our organization and celebrate our impact around the world with a night of cocktails, music and fashion!  You can help by inviting friends and family who might be interested in learning more about Tailored for Education’s mission to give the gift of education through a school uniform!



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Meet Anderson!

Anderson with his classmates at school.

Anderson (front right) with his classmates at school.

Anderson is a 4th grader in Guatajiagua, El Salvador. He is a very bright student, his favorite subject in school is math.

Anderson 2

Anderson shows us one of his drawings.

He likes to draw and play soccer during his free time.

Anderson with his mother.

Anderson with his mother.

Anderson with his older brother Cristian. Cristian plays the trumpet in the school band.

Anderson with his older brother Cristian. Cristian plays the trumpet in the school band.

Anderson lives with his three siblings – all in school – and single mother. He has a few chores around the house, cleaning and helping to gather wood for the stove. 


Tailored for Education is proud to help Anderson get an education by providing his school uniform!

Find out more about our projects in El Salvador HERE

Have a great week everyone!

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Meet Luisa!

Photo Jun 12, 3 36 35 PM

Luisa is an 8-year-old 2nd grader in San Vicente, El Salvador. She lives with her parents, two brothers and a sister in a suburb of the city called Llano Grande. The children have to ride in the back of a pick up truck to go to and from school. Her home is made of aluminum panels and has a dirt floor, but has running water and electricity. Her father is quite proud to show off his organic garden where he grows peppers, cabbage, beans, other vegetables and fruit. Luisa is short for her age which is not uncommon, but she is also underweight. Luckily the school has a meal program to help supplement the children’s diet, which is helping.

Luisa washing her hair

Luisa washing her hair

Luisa getting ready for school

Luisa getting ready for school

Luisa (center) receiving her new school uniform

Luisa (center) receiving her new school uniform

Luisa is happy to be in school – and happy with her new uniform since her old uniform had missing buttons and didn’t fit so well! We are proud to support Luisa’s education by providing her school uniform.

Have a great week everyone!

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Week in Review

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a big week for Tailored for Education – we are providing funding for three new projects!


First, we have partnered with Flying Kites a second time to provide school uniforms for an additional 11 secondary school children and 60 primary school children in Kenya!


We are also excited to announce that Tailored for Education is more than DOUBLING the size of our project with giving partner The Dignitas Project. This will be our fourth collaboration with Dignitas. We are going to be providing approximately 1,000 additional school uniforms to children – also in Kenya!


Lastly, we are doing a third project with the Children of Haiti Project, providing approximately 86 children with uniforms. This time around we will be using a women’s empowerment, literacy and sewing program that was started in May 2013, instead of a large supplier. This program is comprised mainly of the children’s mothers. Our Project Coordinator Dominique has told us “They have acquired enough sewing skills with their talented teacher who is also a parent to take on this uniform making project. The program aims to make the parents financially independent. The sewing club has already created 6 full time jobs.”

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Meet Ariel!

Photo Jun 20, 11 45 51 AM

Ariel is an 8-year-old boy in the first grade in El Salvador.  He has a younger brother and sister that go to school in Achiotal, El Salvador as well.  Ariel has a form of muscular dystrophy and has been in a wheelchair for 7 years, the majority of his life.  His cousin (pictured below) brings him to school and stays with him.  She is about 20 and never had the opportunity to finish school herself. 

Photo Jun 20, 12 39 29 PM

Tailored for Education is proud to support Ariel by providing his school uniform!

We have provided uniforms to four different schools in El Salvador through partnerships with LQI Consulting and The Steven Foundation. Find out more here: http://tailoredforeducation.org/our-projects/el-salvador/

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3rd Birthday

Today marks Tailored for Education’s THIRD birthday!  Truthfully, it is hard to imagine how quickly a small idea has turned into 15,000 uniforms and over 10,000 children reached.

When I think about the last year all I can think about is change.  Henry David Thoreau once said, “Things do not change; we do.”  This year WE have changed.  Jess and I have changed in a variety of ways.  We found a way to give up control and expanded our team.  We changed our messaging and now are a little better at stating our mission and our goals (even on LIVE TV).  We changed the name of our scarf to Woven in Hope.  While small to others, they were big changes for us.  Because of these changes I know that Tailored for Education is a far more successful organization than we were a year ago.  However, the most important thing we did this year was change the lives of children in eleven different countries by getting them in a uniform and giving them the chance to receive an education.

In the very early stages of Tailored for Education we told a colleague about our idea and asked for advice.  After asking a few questions he sat back and said “start small, grow with the need, but I believe you will not only change these lives of the children you help, but you can change a village, then a country and then the world.”  At the time, with we had only provided 200 children with uniforms and had not raised a single dollar.  I remember thinking he was expecting too much of us, but saying to myself “ok…well…we can try!”  Today I know we have changed because those goals do not seem too far-fetched anymore, they are our reality. This year we will continue changing lives, one uniform at a time.

Thank you to all of our supporters.  Whether you gave 1 uniform or 10, bought a scarf or a bracelet, liked us on Facebook, or told a friend about our mission you have helped us move one step closer to our goal of more children in school.  Each supportive comment, donation, Facebook LIKE, Twitter follow, scarf or bracelet sale has brought a smile to both of our faces! We are so very grateful.

Kristen, Jen and Claire, thank you so much for all you do!  Tailored for Education would not be nearly as successful if it weren’t for each of you! Dave, thank you for keeping us and our math straight.  You get the completely un-glamorous job with not much credit, but we would be lost without you.  You are truly the best sounding board for our thousands of thoughts and ideas (even though I know we are annoying)! Jess, I have said it many times but there is no one else I could have embarked on this journey with but you. Thank for being an amazing business partner and even better friend!  We will start this next year with our longest journey yet, Cambodia here we come!

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Like most of the world, we have been fixated on the over 200 Nigerian girls taken from their beds at boarding school in the dead of night. We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of education, and Tailored for Education is focused solely on getting children to school; but when we first heard the news, we were deflated and even a little defeated. These girls were at boarding school, fast asleep dreaming, not hauling water, selling fruit in the market, babysitting siblings or caring for their own children. They were at school trying to learn, trying to change their lives until everything changed. These girls are no different than we were in high school; families that love them, hopes, goals and friends that enrich their daily lives. We thought of their neighbors, classmates, little sisters and cousins who must be afraid to go to school now out of fear they too will be kidnapped.

These are our girls. They don’t live next door or even in the bordering state, but we are a global community and their lives impact ours. Who knows what potential these girls have and what they will become one day. They could cure an infectious disease, win the Nobel Prize, change the course of their poverty-stricken family, change their village, country and even the world. They could inspire one person or one thousand to go out into the world and do good. Right now they are victims of a barbaric crime committed out of fear. These terrorists are scared of a girl with an education. Once we realized this our deflated feelings subsided and turned into hope.

We cannot cure the world of evil. We cannot find these girls, hug them, promise they won’t be broken forever and return them to their families. However, we can help more children receive an education by getting them in a uniform and to school. One by one we can show these terrorists that they should fear a girl in a uniform because she can and will, change the world. And there will be more powerful, educated girls and women to fear because the contributions they make to the world will hopefully counter balance the evil that will always exist.

Help us prove that education won’t be squashed by evil. Work with us to provide over 200 uniforms in honor of each of the Nigerian girls who have been taken away from their families, their school, their security, all in the face of pure evil.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!


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Week in Review!

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks and can’t believe TFE’s 3rd birthday is fast approaching! Where to begin….

Let’s first talk about us:

– this went out in a press release but not sure we have made a big deal about it … but it’s pretty awesome so we should –> we reached a major milestone; we have provided over 15,000 uniforms!!! We didn’t know what to expect when we started this chapter almost three years ago, but I can tell you we have far exceeded our wildest dreams!

– local news outlets have caught on to our awesome work! Last week we were on Magic 106.7  with Candy O’Terry as part of her Exceptional Women Entrepreneur Series. To hear our first in studio radio interview click HERE, it’s at the bottom on the right side!


– last Thursday we had a great fundraiser in Milton with about 60-70 fabulous women at Eclipse Salon. It was so fun to meet new people who were there because they believe in us and our mission and they truly care about making our world a better place.  The comments we received were so uplifting and increasing awareness is such a great feeling! Some photos:

Us with Jen Vrettas, a woman who we hired part time to help us with everything under the sun.  Jen is awesome and we are so glad she agreed to be part of our team!


Below are the salon owners and the woman in pink is our saving grace …. meet Kristen Daly, our PR rep! Whoever has Orpah’s email, send it directly to Kristen….


Lastly, our fabulous friends who volunteered their evening to help make it a success … THANK YOU!!


– Wednesday was World Book and Copyright Day, who knew?! Well, we happen to have an adorable picture of our precious elementary school children in Haiti checking out books from the Book Mobile!


Mother’s Day is May 11th! Purchase our Woven In Hope scarf for all the magnificent MOMS you know! You do good and they look good! – could we make it any easier for you?? SHOP HERE! Scarf picture below in case you didn’t get enough of it from the Eclipse photos!


– you may have heard, but next month we are headed to Cambodia!! We are traveling with  Catholic Relief Services, our largest Giving Partner.  To date we have provided over 8,000 uniforms through this partnership. To say we are excited is an understatement! And the fact that tarantulas are a delicacy there is something we are not talking about…

To take the spotlight off of us, a few things worth mentioning:

– take this quick test sponsored by Partners in Health and they will donate .50 to go toward saving womens’ lives:  take it HERE

– today is World Malaria Day.  Share the fact below to celebrate the incredible progress made globally to eradicate this preventable disease:


– when I first learned about genital excision, I was literally at a loss for words.  To think that this still happens today is just devastating. A lot of countries have already, or are in the process of, making it illegal, but it still happens. A 13 year old girl in Egypt recently died after having it done and it’s making headlines.   Read the story HERE


– we’ll end on a high note: the Boston Marathon was this past Monday and was an important day  for millions of people, for a variety of reasons. $25.7 million is the estimated number of dollars raised by charity bib runners at this year’s Marathon. A big congratulations to all the runners and to all who donated!




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Week in Review!

What a week it has been!

Not sure how you could have since it was plastered all over Facebook (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for liking, sharing and commenting, we are so, so grateful for all of your support!), BUT, in case you missed it, we were featured in The Boston Globe yesterday! Whoo hoo! And no, Megan is not that much taller than me, the photographer wanted us to stand that way, despite our concerns!  Click here to read the full article!


In addition to preparing for this article and then anxiously waiting for it to be published, we are busy planning our next site visit! We will share full details once all the logistics are ironed out, but for some clues: we are visiting our largest project, there is once again the potential for lots of snakes, and ONE leg of our flight is 13 hours. Any guesses?!

We are also prepping for a radio interview next week (don’t worry, we’ll provide the details on how you can listen once we have them!) AND we are having an event next week to rope in some new local support!  Spring has landed in Boston and it is taking TFE by full force!

I’ll finish up this post with some of our adorable students! We received these photos from Los Ninos, our Giving Partner in the Dominican Republic. You can feel their excitement by just by looking at them!


1255200_1412157199002878_58026553_n 1045204_1416696285215636_999939091_n 581236_1416696655215599_1941280303_n 24271_1412157785669486_106276039_n

Have a great weekend!

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