October Update

We wanted to share with you the inspiring story of Joannes, a tailor in Obambo, Kenya where our giving partner Akili Preparatory School is located. Joannes has a a 4 year old son named Sixtus who suffered from malaria when he was three months old. Since then he has been in and out of the hospital and has been diagnosed with possible brain dysfunction. He can’t talk, walk or eat solid food. His father is forced to carry him to and from his work place in Obambo market where he mends and repairs clothing for community members. Doctors say he needs to undergo a surgery that would cost his family $6,000. They have already used over $20,000 raised from selling their parcels of land and contributions from friends and the community. He is however underweight at 9kg (he needs to be 18kg to undergo surgery).
img_20160927_125220“I can’t imagine how emotionally drained they are with all that is going on with their son. They have to take him to a neurologist three days every week.”
He has done all he can and used a lot of money to go from one hospital to another to seek help for his son. All he wanted was to find out how he could get a walking aid for his son so that at least he could learn how to walk on his own. Joannes was determined to provide for his family, and was willing to go to great lengths to look after his son and keep him clean. Few men from the village can take up such a role, always leaving it to women. As he sews clothes in the market and looks after his son, his wife is freed to go to the lake and sell fish to support the family. David Omondi from the Akili School told us: “I can’t imagine how emotionally drained they are with all that is going on with their son. They have to take him to a neurologist three days every week.” Recently, a supporter of the school sent $200 to get Sixtus a walking aid.
The Akili School is using Joannes to make all of the school uniforms for their students. This will help him to cover some of his bills and support his son. This is how far funding for uniforms goes in supporting other needy members of the community. From David: “Thank you so much for all the lives you are changing through education and by having all uniforms made by able members in our community.” We are so proud to be able to support Joannes and his family, and others like him!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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May Update

Hello Friends!

This has been an incredible spring for TFE, so much to share!

First off, we held two events. The first was the “Shop Sip Support” event at Intermix Boston in early April. Shoppers were able to browse the latest fashions and have a portion of their purchase go toward providing school uniforms! And the second was the “Collaborate, Educate, Celebrate” event, where we celebrated our partnerships with Daraja Academy and Flying Kites. Check out this great video that was shown at the event!

TFE co-founders Megan and Jessica pose with Edwin and Leila of Flying Kites and Jenni of Daraja Academy at the event.

TFE co-founders Megan and Jessica pose with Edwin and Leila of Flying Kites and Jenni of Daraja Academy at the event.

We’ve had several projects funded this spring – including with partners the Steven Foundation, Dignitas Project and Catholic Relief Services. Through our partnership with Catholic Relief Services, we funded 3,584 uniform sets which were distributed to eight schools in Cambodia. With savings through the procurement process, an additional 790 poor and disabled children will be receiving uniforms. That is a total of 4,374 uniforms for this project alone! Check out the photos below of the latest distribution!

Untitled 2 Untitled 3 Untitled 4 Untitled 5

Untitled 6

Lastly, we celebrated Tailored for Education’s 5th birthday this past week! Over the past five years, we’ve provided over 30,000 school uniforms to children in 10 countries. Thank you all for your incredible support – we couldn’t do it without you!

Have a wonderful week!






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January Update

Hello Friends!

We hope you all are having a wonderful 2016 so far, and that you enjoyed the holidays! We’re still so thrilled that we were able to reach our goal of raising $75,000 by the end of the year. This was matched by a generous donor, which means we ended 2015 with a total of $150,000 to put toward new school uniforms for children in need! To all those who contributed, we cannot thank you enough!

Last week we funded our fifth project with our giving partner LQI Consulting! We will provide new school uniforms for 1,464 students in El Salvador. This is an increase of 77 students from last year!


We also recently funded our fourth project with giving partner Pure Water for the World. We will be providing 2,077 students with new school uniforms! With these two additional fundings, we’re getting close to reaching the milestone of 30,000 uniforms provided!


This month we received some incredible photos from our giving partner Children of Haiti Project – just in time for the sixth anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The image on the left shows the child immediately after the earthquake, while the image on the right is the child today. What an amazing difference! We’re proud to support their education by providing their school uniforms.

_Before_After1 _Before_After2 _Before_After3 _Before_After4

Finally, our giving partner the Akili School in Kenya sent us a lovely thank you video! We’re proud to support these incredibly deserving girls in their education! Watch HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.12.34 PM

Enjoy your weekend!

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September Update: Back to School!

Hello Friends,

The fall is upon us – and that means back to school time! It’s an especially exciting time for us since we have had a number of uniform distributions recently.

Uniforms were distributed in Haiti through our giving partner Children of Haiti Project last week. Check out the smiles on those faces!

IMG_5507[1] IMG_5520[1] IMG_5502[1] IMG_5816[1]

We also got some great photos from the Dignitas Project – these little ones in Kenya are showing off their new uniforms! 494 students at Excellence School in Kenya received new uniforms last week.

11059938_898021280290215_8911096479366004184_n 11150777_898021276956882_6919755288500784191_n 12006303_898021283623548_4389118676261971191_n

Our giving partner the Vertile Foundation shared some wonderful photos today of the kids in Haiti loving their new uniforms. They are so ready for back to school!

12003236_979470772085225_370902069453925125_n 12003136_979470778751891_6269399195235622268_n

We also funded a few new projects in the past couple of weeks! First, we are partnering with EDEM Foundation once again to provide 140 new school uniforms for elementary school children in Haiti – just in time for back to school!

We are providing an additional 21 school uniforms to elementary school children in the Dominican Republic through our partnership with Los Niños!

And finally, Tailored for Education is again providing school uniforms for 25 girls at the Horizons School in Cambodia. Horizons is an organization that assists adolescent girls and young women from very difficult circumstances to finish basic education, followed by a highly specialized training in the hotel and tourism industry. The training, which follows the ASEAN-approved curriculum, is certified by the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism and qualifies the students to work in 4 and 5 star international hotels.


That’s all for now. Have a wonderful week!

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August Update

Hello Friends!

We hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we have. First, we wanted to share that we recently funded our second project with the Akili Preparatory School in Kisumu, Kenya! We will be providing new school uniforms for 100 girls from the Obunga Slums who have been given the wonderful opportunity to get an education at the Akili School.


We also wanted to share a few photos from the latest distribution in El Achiotal, El Salvador, through our partnership with the Steven Foundation. It’s wonderful to see the kids showing off their new uniforms!

IMG_6873 IMG_6876 IMG_6895



That’s all for now, have a fantastic week!

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July Update

Hello Friends!

Hope you all have been enjoying the summer and getting lots of sunshine- we certainly have! We have some new photos to share from the latest uniform distribution in San Vicente, El Salvador, through our giving partnership with the Steven Foundation. Anita from the Foundation told us: “We felt so glad to see plenty of happy faces and blessed families. We want to thank you for your invaluable support and love for children in El Salvador.” TFE is proud to be making a difference in the lives of these children!







Have a fantastic week!

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June Update: Summer in the City

Hello Friends!

Things are certainly warming up here in Boston, we’re enjoying the gorgeous June weather. We have a few updates to share! First, if you’re still looking for a gift for Father’s Day this weekend, check out our gorgeous ties! Each tie provides one school uniform for a child in need – plus right now you can get free shipping and 15% off when you enter code VV4TFE at checkout!


We’ve got new project news to share. We’re thrilled to announce that we are providing new school uniforms for 1,322 more children in Kenya through our partnership with the Dignitas Project! The Dignitas Project develops leaders and supports school transformation efforts in slums in Kenya so that all children can fulfill their potential.


We also wanted to share some lovely photos from the Steven Foundation showing uniform distribution to the children in Guatajiagua, El Salvador! We’re proud to provide these children with new uniforms to support their education.







Have a wonderful week!



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I’ll be honest, this one really snuck up on me. It almost seems impossible that it was four years ago today when the idea for Tailored for Education began to take shape. It happened fast (Jess and I have one speed…we are works in progress) and those first few weeks, days, months were pure bliss. The mix of excitement, determination and just the right amount of naivety pushed us out of our comfort zone and into a whole new world! We loved every minute of it. Our friendship also grew. It was like we were keeping a secret from everyone….we were going to make a real impact on the world. Our dreams were BIG.

Now four years later I am happy to say that our dreams are still BIG (probably even BIGGER) and our goals loftier. What we do WORKS. We change the life of each child we provide with a new uniform. The children we help go to school, stay there, get up the next day and go back. As co-founders we are different people than we were four years ago. We have a clear goal with numbers and stories to back it up. We’ve traveled to the countries were we work. We’ve met the children we help. We’ve learned their favorite classes and what they want to be when they grow-up. We’ve let them touch our freckles because they learned about them in science class, but had never seen them in person. We’ve hugged their grateful mother’s and met the siblings they care for when school is done. We’ve raised over ONE million dollars and provided more than 20,000 uniforms in 11 different countries. While the bliss of four years ago was nice, this is real. We are doing what we set out to do and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve built.

This reality has brought its fair share of trials. While they are fewer than many would have expected, each one has been tough for us. Raising money is extremely hard. Despite our best efforts there are still only 24 hours in each day, we both wear a lot of hats and things fall by the wayside. Expanding our base comes with rejection, which is unpleasant. The naivety of those early days has been replaced with some seriously tough days.

Through the highs and the lows of the past four years we have grown. We are better than when we started, as are thousands of children and their families around the globe, and we are well positioned for many more years of success! However, there are still millions of children not enrolled in school so we have just scratched the surface.

Our success thus far would not be possible without the support from our donors. It is because of you that there are more children going to school than last year! Also, it is because of your encouragement that we move through the hard days and celebrate the great ones!

Kristen, Claire and Dave: we don’t thank you enough for your hard work and your love of Tailored for Education. We are forever grateful you are part of our team and put up with us. Jess, thank you for saying yes four years ago. Tailored for Education wouldn’t be here without you!

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April Update

Hello Friends,

We are enjoying the warm spring weather that has finally arrived in Boston! Excited to share a few updates with you all.

First, our co-founder Megan Kelly was featured in an interview on the podcast Eight Smart Minutes last week. You can download it HERE!

Also, check out this great article about Tailored for Education, featuring co-founder Jessica Roy.

Additionally we received some wonderful photos from our giving partner The Steven Foundation this week, as they distribute school uniforms for our fourth project. These children in San Jose, El Naranjo in El Salvador are loving their new uniforms!

Uniform's delivery San José El Naranjo 2015




In the words of Anita at The Steven Foundation, “Behind every face, there is a story that has been changed by a uniform.”

Have a lovely week everyone!

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March Update: Spring is Coming!

Hello Friends,

Spring is almost here! It’s been a rough winter here in Boston, we’re ready for all this snow to melt!

TFE is excited to announce that we funded two new projects recently. First, we funded our second project with the Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa. Founded in early 2007 by a small group of inspired and passionate young people from Kliptown dedicated to making a difference in their community, the Kliptown Youth Program provides educational support and after school activities for the disadvantaged children of this township. We’re providing an additional 456 new school uniforms for the children there!


We also funded our 4th project with giving partner the Steven Foundation in El Salvador – more details to come!


Additionally, TFE has received some wonderful photos from our giving partners recently.

Here are students in Haiti wearing their new school uniforms, courtesy of our giving partner Children of Haiti Project!



…And here students in Kenya show off their new uniforms – from our giving partner the Riley Orton Foundation. David at the Foundation told us: “The uniforms have made a great difference in the lives of these girls and we thank you so much for partnering with us to offer these girls quality education with dignity. No one will take this education away from them and it is our hope that they will one day pay it forward by supporting a child in need and also use it to empower their communities.”



Hope you all have a fantastic week!


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